Purpose & Vision

Firefighters from the Northwest and other jurisdictions have found a rewarding humanitarian purpose in working in support of Bomberos (firefighters) in Guatemala, Central America.

Guatemalan firefighters are no different than firefighters in the United States. They work tirelessly to help their public through medical and fire emergencies. Most of them are volunteers. They often do not have the proper equipment to meet the emergencies demands nor training in firefighting and EMS.

BRAVE Foundation was established with a mission of improving the fire and life saving efforts in developing countries. BRAVE Foundation is recruiting others who are interested in volunteering their talents, raise donations and collect surplused emergency apparatus and equipment.


Bomberos can seemingly do miracles with nothing. Their dedication to emergency services is unmatched. The Guatemala public is proud, strong in culture and thankful with the efforts of USA citizens.

This Latin American country, south of Mexico border, has been the home of the Mayan civilization, Contra War and now developing as a trade nation to the world. The fire department is countrywide, working under a central administration, a combination of full-time paid and volunteer. Each fire station must cover some of the operational expenses. The need is funding for construction of stations and repair of equipment.

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