The mission of the BRAVE (Bomberos Resourceful And Valiant Efforts) Foundation is to improve the firefighting efforts, health care, and education in developing countries by providing support for a sustainable future. Firefighters and other special individuals from around the United States have found a rewarding humanitarian purpose working in support of bomberos (Spanish for firefighters) who generously assist under privileged and under served populations.

The bomberos are no different than firefighters in the United States. They work tirelessly to help their public through medical and fire emergencies. Most of them are volunteers. They often do not have the proper equipment to meet the emergencies demands or adequate training in firefighting and EMS techniques.

This is an historic week for the BRAVE Foundation. Four donated emergency vehicles, loaded with thousands of dollars in donated medical supplies and equipment, will depart Pierce County to be driven all the way to Guatemala by a dedicated team of volunteer drivers. All supplies and vehicles are donations from local fire districts, hospitals and clinics, as well as from generous individual donors.

The BRAVE Foundation President and Founder, Paul Embleton, has been granted a leave of absence from his position as Captain/Paramedic with Central Pierce Fire & Rescue in order to complete the current project in Guatemala. In 1998, with the support of Rotary Clubs in the U. S. and Guatemala, Capt. Embleton helped to establish the first EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) program for the Volunteer Firefighters of Guatemala, providing the necessary training, equipment, and apparatus to provide both basic and advanced pre-hospital care to the sick and injured. The first graduating class consisted of 12 individuals of the Bomberos Voluntarios de Guatemala. The training soon became sanctioned by the medical college in Guatemala City and the program continues to expand. The BRAVE Foundation is proud to announce that, to date, there are a total of 14 EMT programs throughout Guatemala.

So far, more than 50 Emergency Medical Technicians, paramedics, nurses, doctors, and others have volunteered their time to travel to Guatemala and provide their expertise with training programs. The Guatemalan bomberos have gained the respect of doctors in hospital emergency rooms for their skills in providing a higher level of medical care to the patients.

Courage and dedication know no boundaries. The BRAVE Foundation seeks to improve the efforts of firefighters and medical personnel in developing countries to become self-sufficient by providing access to progressive training programs and efficient facilities and equipment.

To follow the blog and provide your support of this important journey, please visit www.bravefoundation.org.

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