Road Crew Arrives at Border

This week’s road trip has been anything but boring!  They didn’t even get out of the state of Washington before breaking down.  The front rig towing the 2nd one is toast and has been left behind.  So the inventory was juggled around some to get the most critical supplies on to the remaining rig….and then it broke down!  We arranged for the broken part to be manufactured locally and the team managed to get back on the road after a 3 day delay.  Thank you to the fire station crew in Castlerock, WA for their support and housing of our team.  You guys ROCK!

The crew has encountered a few minor mechanical problems along the way but have, at last, arrived at the Texas/Mexico border.  Now the supplies will all be removed from the vehicle, re-inventoried at Customs, and then reloaded for the trip through Mexico and in to Guatemala.  It is quite the adventure but the team leader is experienced with the process so we don’t anticipate any problems.

Please keep the crew in your thoughts and prayers as they begin the most challenging leg of the trip through rural Mexico.

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